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Sexiest teacher in America or most inappropriate???

September 15, 2016


(Back by popular demand)

Disclaimer: Before ya’ll go and start labeling me a hater, let me make one thing very CLEAR: A hater I will never be. This blog will state my opinion and the opinion of a few other women who happen to be “sexy” teachers as well. Lets just look at this blog as a lesson in appropriateness in the classroom. Carry on….

Today when I logged on to Facebook, this woman, Patrice “Tricey” Brown, was all up and down my timeline with this tight, figure hugging dress on with a caption “Sexiest Teacher in America.

Patrice "Tricey" Brown, a fourth grade teacher in Atlanta,Georgia is now being proclaimed as the "Sexiest Teacher in America"

Patrice “Tricey” Brown, a fourth grade teacher in
Atlanta,Georgia is now being proclaimed as the “Sexiest Teacher in America”


Now at first glance, I thought to myself, “Yeah she is bad.” However, when I realized that she was standing in her classroom with that dress on and not the club or a party, I could see why she got that title!!!! It’s kind of easy to win a title that no other teachers are competing for! I have plenty of friends who are teachers with crazy curves who lots of men would consider sexy, just like her, who dress more appropriately for the class room. So if she is one of the many teachers in America posting pics of herself in a classroom dressed like that, the men of course are dreaming that they could go back to fourth grade again and learn their multiplication tables (which some of them might need anyway, but I digress.)  Many comments on the internet about her have been positive from men of course saying things like “She can’t help that she has curves,” “She can’t hide all that body,” or “If I had a teacher like that I would’ve made straight A’s.”Anyone who disagrees is of course labeled a hater.

Typical Right?

Well I took it upon myself to speak with a couple of  other “sexy” teachers to get their thoughts on “The sexiest teacher in America.” This is what they had to say….


M.M,  Middle School Teacher



“Children have enough distractions in the classroom without the teacher’s attire being one. Now unless there is a uniform policy in place or dress code guidelines, I don’t see grounds for discipline. However, adults should use modest judgement when dressing for work. Maybe school systems should consider implementing a professional attire etiquette course for professional development to cut down on conflict. Now, I haven’t always gotten it right but I was never extreme. Maybe this young teacher will improve in the future as well.


D.F.,  Elementary School Teacher


“The teacher that’s been trending is a beautiful young woman with a nice shape. In a school setting with so many hormones raging, her attire isn’t appropriate. As women, we must learn what’s flattering to our shape. It seems the problem is that some don’t understand the proper setting certain clothes should be worn. There are clothes that are flattering while being professional. What she wore was club wear. I’m shaped like her AND I’m an educator. The excuse that ‘women with curves can’t help it’ is a cop out. There are alternatives. I was taught many years ago by my first principal that you dress for the job you want, not the job you have. I’m not sure what her aspirations are but in order to be taken as a serious professional, you have to look like one. At any rate, I think that after this, I doubt that we see her in the classroom much longer. She is very beautiful and I can see her career going in a different direction.”

Both curvaceous woman in the classroom representing their alma maters


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Ciara’s engagement brings out the misogyny in men

March 14, 2016


We see them day to day being announced on our timelines.

“She said yes!”

“Check out my rock!”

“I’m engaged!!!!”

In the comments section we see a series of “Congratulations,” “I’m so happy for you’s” and “You deserve it’s!”

It is truly an exciting time in a woman’s  life and in a man’s to decide to  spend the rest of their lives with each other.

However, this past Friday when R &B Singer Ciara and Seattle Seahawks Starting Quarterback Russell Wilson happily announced their engagement on Wilson’s Instagram, there were a lot of mixed responses that, I must say, PISSED ME THE HELL OFF!!!!!!!

Men in particular had a lot of negative and rude things to say about Ciara regarding her dating past. Yes she’s dated Bow Wow, 50 Cent, and had a baby with Future but so WHAT???? You show me one grown woman that has not kissed a lot of frogs before she met her Prince and I will show you a 50 year old male virgin!!!! It’s damn near impossible!!!!

Because her life is public, it puts her in the limelight for public scrutiny. However, an engagement should not be one of those times. Ciara is showing women everywhere that just because you’ve had a few failed relationships, have had your heart broken, and possibly had a baby does not mean you are damaged goods and don’t deserve love.

However, the internet, once again has allowed folks to rear their ugly, evil heads. I was appalled at some of the comments that were under different threads on the internet. I took a couple of screen shots on my phone just to show the type of nasty behavior that men were displaying in relation to their announcement:IMG_0667


Do you see this????? They are so quick to holler “I’m not hating” but I wouldn’t know any other word to describe how they sound. And to make things even worst, when I accused them of sounding like misogynists, one guy said and I quote “I’m lost. Women think calling men a misogynist is a bad thing.” This was laughable to me because for one, yes he is lost if he doesn’t know that misogyny is a terrible thing! It’s basically a person who HATES women or is strongly prejudiced against women. Now what about that isn’t a bad thing? With idiots like this running around, I see why there are so many single sisters. But I stand here today to say that I know for a fact that with patience and more importantly proper judgement, ladies can and will find true love. And for these men to say to women that we aren’t worthy of love because of our past judgements is absolutely hateful and misogynistic. Ladies please steer clear of this type of man!!!!

Furthermore, who hasn’t dated a few people before they finally settled down? Aren’t men known to sow their wild oats when they are young men? So why don’t these same rules apply to women? It’s an ugly double standard that makes women be called derogatory names, while men are celebrated for the exact same thing.IMG_0664

I honestly think these men would be happier if Ciara had only remained the baby mama of a man who could really care less about her and never moved on. They feel that because of her past, she doesn’t deserve true love. Well if that were the case, none of us would be worthy. Ciara did not live up to the stereotypical angry baby mama and now you mad!!!! #crymeariver.  She left a man who was supposed to be her “Future,” but when he messed up she found someone who wanted to respect, love and treat her and her son the right way.







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The Top Five Types of Single Women

October 19, 2015

I can honestly say that at some point in my life, I have been one of these women. I made this video, not only for entertainment purposes (though I must admit it is kinda funny), but for women to take a deep look at themselves.

Many times we don’t understand why we are single and the last person we want to blame is ourselves. But the truth of the the matter is that we are all flawed. Self-improvement should never end. So as you watch this video, (and share) take the time to do some true self reflection to truly prepare yourself for your king. Remember, I only speak from experience, not some self-help book. I KEEPS IT REAL!!!! LOL


Now watch and enjoy!!!! *smooches”







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